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Welcome to Creative Roofing!
Welcome to Creative Roofing!

We’re a family owned and operated roof installation company. Creative Roofing has been operating in the Central Florida area since 2006. We’re proud to provide expert roof installation & replacement service.  Our employees are highly skilled, knowledgeable, and deliver fast, friendly service that is honest and fair.

We believe our detailed workmanship and outstanding service has many satisfied customers from roofing renovations in the Central Florida area and we appreciate their recommendations. 

The roof is one of the most important parts of any home.  When you have problems with your roof, there's one company that you need to remember - Creative Roofing,  We install roofing that lends visual appeal to your whole house, creating a style you can feel proud to live in.  Quality, safety and customer satisfaction are our focus.   Feel free to call us for an  estimate.  321-972-8723.




We can repair any roof in Central Florida.  We have earned our reputation every day with superb quality work and attention to detail. We only do repairs on the exterior of the home,  including dry rot. If we get into the project and find that the rot is too extensive for us to handle we will refer you to carpentry contractor better fit for structural framing repairs.


Granule loss exposing asphalt  place the shingle at risk of because UV rays can now get to the asphalt layer. In situations in which hail or wind has knocked off large areas of granules, you can expect the life of your shingles to be reduced.  When you see signs that you might need re-roofing, call Creative Roofing in Central Florida.

Emergency Tarping

When a hurricane strikes and your roof is damaged, you need help fast.  You can't risk having water leaking through the roof.  Creative Roofing can help you in your time of need.  

Most home insurance policies authorize a homeowner to make “reasonable and necessary” temporary repairs immediately after a damaging incident in order to prevent further losses.