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  • How much does an estimate cost?
    You can call us at 321-972-8723 for your free estimate today!

  • Will my insurance help cover replacement?
    If you have storm damage, you may be covered by homeowners insurance. You may be responsible for the cost of your deductible.

  • How long will it take to put my roof on?
    There are many factors that can determine the length of the process. Things like weather, the pitch, size, materials being used on your roof can affect the time it takes to complete, once the permit has been issued and materials delivered. On average, it takes anywhere from two to five days. At Creative Roofing, we do everything possible to get the job done quickly as well as efficiently to your satisfaction.

  • What should I do prior to the job starting?
    Remove any cars from the driveway. Roof material waste and debris will be thrown away in a dumpster that will have to be parked close to the house. To easily place the dumpster, please have the driveway cleared. If you have anything mounted on your roof like satellites or solar panels, that are still going to be used, they need to be removed by the company that installed them. If you no longer have use for them, we can dispose of them. Let your estimator know if your pipes run through your attic. If your pipes are installed improperly, that can result in damage to your pipes.

  • How long have we been in business?
    We have been licensed since 2006. Our certified roofing license is CCC1327601. A copy of our licensed can be provided at your request.