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Commercial Flat Roofing and Low Slope Roofing
Commercial Flat Roofing and Low Slope Roofing

We can do combination roofs like the one above of metal and flat roofs.  It does take a certain amount of skill and experience to do a flat roof correctly, and Creative Roofing is your team to get it done right. The benefits of liquid applied coatings are vast in that they can often be applied over an existing, leaking or non energy-efficient roof. They are a cost-effective, long term way to extend the life of your existing roof because they completely seal all of the existing penetrations (thus, stopping leaks) on the roof while creating a light, reflective surface that will save on your heating and cooling. You benefit from our professional expertise, on-site project management, and a commitment to staying on schedule and within budget. 

Whether your commercial building needs reroofing, roof inspection, or a whole new roof, we are ready to provide all of the services related to your keeping your commercial building’s roof in top condition. Just call Creative Roofing at 321.972.8723.